life drawing christchurch

Hillmorton High School, Christchurch, New Zealand

2022 dates:


(Mon) (Tues)

May 2,3, 9,10, 16,17, 23,24, 30,31

June (Queens B/Day)7,13,14, 20,21,


July 4,5, (School Holidays) 25,26

August 1,2, 8,9, 15,16, 22,23, 29,30


(Mon) (Tues)

September 5,6, 12,13, 19,20, 26,27

(School Holidays)

October 17,18, (Labour Day)25,31

November 1, 7,8, 14,15, 21,22, 28

I work with everybody as an individual aiming to succeed in gaining the best results possible for them.

Everyone has their own page on this site, which is updated after each class. We draw from professional nude models, both female (mostly) and male.

Rope brown (black), newsprint, sugar gray and cartridge A2 Paper is provided at cost for $30 extra to the class fee of $190 for the 16 nights. The class runs from 7pm to 9pm.

Semester 2: We have just 10 nights in the semester, and the fees are similarly reduced to $145 with paper supplied, and $125 without paper. A preliminary survey suggested there's numbers only to run one (Monday) class for this semester, however I have received enrolments recently that would suggest both classes may could. Watch this space!

Payment is made in full for the entire semester and no refunds are given. The course is expensive to run, and the cost of models etc remain, whether students are present or not.

(COVID: With the revised 'traffic light' change to orange, I cannot enforce the wearing of masks, just recommend the wearing of them.)

Alan Gunn -Tutor

Course Costs Here